Radio Caroline

Nick Bailey reading the 8am bulletin on 8th August 1967, his last day on the station. He went on shore leave later that day and never returned due to the introduction of the Marine Offences Act. Recording courtesy of The Offshore Radio Archive (duration 3 minutes 50 seconds)

Radio Caroline - Narrated Documentary

In the early summer of 1967 with the Marine Broadcasting Offences Act looming, Nick took cine film of life on board.  For years he thought this film had been lost but it was rediscovered in his brother’s loft in 2014.  It was then edited with narration added.

Pirate Radio Hall of Fame - Nick Bailey Photo Album

A selection of photos taken aboard Radio Caroline North showing a candid view of life on board the pirate radio ship. Browse the images at Pirate Radio Hall of Fame.

The Boat that Rocked - Trailer

The 2009 film written and directed by Richard Curtis which was loosely based on Radio Caroline in the year before pirate radio was made illegal.

Family Favourites

Nick in Cologne talking to Jean Challis in London in 1977, for two way family favourites.

Vietnamese Boat People

Boat People.jpg

In 1990 Nick became the Hong Kong correspondent for the original BBC Radio 5, phoning in weekly reports to Morning Edition.  One of the main news stories of the day was the continuing influx of Vietnamese boat people into the territory, peaking at 300 a day during that year.  In this report Nick describes how he experienced the problem first hand.

RTHK - Hong Kong Today - Tiananmen Square

One of the biggest news stories during Nick’s time in Hong Kong was the tragedy that unfolded on the 4th June 1989 in Tiananmen Square, Beijing.

RTHK Heritage have produced two podcasts marking the 30th Anniversary of events in Tiananmen, which include an interview with Nick Bailey.

BBC Interview on launch of Classic FM

Classic Romance - On Air Proposal

In 1994 Robert Harvey proposed live on air to Kate Harwood.

Classic Romance.jpg

Nick with show producer Amanda Lewis along with Robert and Kate.

Classic FM - 20th Anniversary - September 7th 2012

Classic FM - Presenter Line-up - 20th Anniversary

Nick in the centre holding the cake with Alan Titchmarsh


Classic FM - 11th August 2017 - Final Programme

Radio Moments - Conversations - Nick Bailey

Nick tells of his early days in pirate radio before travelling to work in Australia and Hong Kong. He then relates tales of the pioneering early days of the unexpected success which was Classic FM - and of the ensuing twenty-five years at the station.

Music Festivals at Sea

Since 2004 Nick has been hosting Music Festivals at Sea for P&O.  In 2012, in a tie up with Classic FM, Nick was at Stingray City in Antigua introducing the concept to the Classic Fm audience.