Contains more than 40 pages of historic photographs.

Foreword by Paul Gambaccini

Produced by Otherwise Publishing
ISBN 978-1-9999222-1-4

Across the Waves

‘These were the days of vinyl, and in stormy weather the stylus could be thrown off a record mid song. Sometimes when reading the news I’d see sky through the studio window during one story and sea the next …’

From his time on pirate radio in the Swinging Sixties to being the voice that launched Classic FM. Nick Bailey’s career spans fifty years of broadcasting.

This candid memoir takes us from Nick’s early childhood in post-war London to the glorious sunshine of Sydney and onwards, as he pursues his ambitions in radio, indulges his passion for travel, and looks for love. In locations as diverse as the pitching waves of the Irish Sea, Cold War Berlin, the sweltering Australian outback and the last days of colonial Hong Kong, Nick brushes shoulders with the likes of the Duke of Edinburgh, Twiggy, Peter Ustinov, Olivia Newton-John, the Bee Gees, Henry Ford II, Ludovico Einaudi, the King of Tonga and Iggy Pop.

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